2013: Casablanca 30A update

2013 has been a busy year for Casablanca on 30A. We've replaced all kitchen appliances with stainless steel versions.  The new refrigerator has an even better water filter, so that makes us Duck Dynasty happy, happy, happy.

We've virtually completed the re-furnishings on the first level, replacing the oak dining table with a "serving table" and six chairs.  The breakfast bar stools have been replaced with 3 new ones that match the new serving table and we have a really cool upright hutch, over which there is a new mirror to complement the new dining area.

Sofa end tables and a new TV console complete the first floor refurnishing.

Aesthetically, we've added two more pieces of art from local artists on the first floor as well as one on the second floor landing (that we've coveted for over a year and recently received a price reduction).

A leak from the master bath Jacuzzi tub produced a bit of ceiling work on the first floor, so we've jumped on that and fixed it.

Unfortunately, we had to reclaim the first floor coat closet and re-purpose it as another owner's closet. We found that too much permanent storage was needed for our stays.  The upright "oar" coat rack remains next to the front door, however.

Speaking of the front door, we've replaced the keylock with a keypress system that allows us to create new, custom codes for each of our renter's visits, which will eliminate the lost key problem -- just remember your stay's key code and you'll be worry free about entering the front door (put it in your phone, or a wadded piece of paper in your car -- tattoos would work as well, but we change these codes for each stay so you'd ultimately be peppered with 8-digit codes. However, if you placed those tattoos in locations hidden by clothes and indexed by date that could work, but you'd raise some eyebrows dropping your shorts to recover your code.  The phone or paper idea is probably best).

The second floor bedrooms were updated with new beds, dressers and nightstands and the second bedroom's bathroom shower curtain rod was replaced with a cool curved one, giving the shower more space in which to splash around.  The balcony off the master bedroom was furnished with two captain's chairs and a shared, small table top between them -- it's a great place to kick back after a day in the sun.

The loft received our last 2013 updates and we've replaced the trundle beds with two pull out sofa's resulting in a queen-sized bed and a twin-sized one.  These are not your grandfather's pull out sofa's -- they are easy to manipulate and present fantastic, comfortable gel mattresses.  The TV became wall-mounted as well, so we've made the loft far more spacious.  A wifi repeater was also added to the loft to be sure we have adequate network coverage up there.

And... all of this new wonderment was captured in pictures that can be seen on the Casablanca on 30A rental listing, where you can reserve your next fantastic Emerald Coast beach vacation.

Welcome to Casablanca on 30A (Gulf Place Courtyard 37)

We've added a moniker to our beach home at the Santa Rosa Beach Gulf Place Courtyard Unit 37 West Henry Court -- we're calling it "Casablanca on 30A"!  Why is that?  It's because there is sand, sunshine, heat and we're sure that there's gotta be a Moroccan restaurant around here somewhere .... Also, it's a lot easier to say than "... Santa Rosa Beach Gulf Place Courtyard Unit 37 West Henry Court". (Unfortunately, you're going to have to use the tongue twisting form of our name for reservations)

Anyway, we're furiously updating and upgrading Casablanca on 30A and we have:
  • Replaced the 2nd bedroom Queen size bed with a new King size platform bed
  • Replaced the Master bedroom King size box springs and mattress with new ones
  • Replaced TVs in the main level and both bedrooms with LED flat panels
  • Replaced the dishwasher with a higher quality, more efficient, quieter and non-frustrating one
  • Replaced all DVD players with Blu-Ray players with network interfaces (these allow for accessing your own Neflix accounts and other online services)
  • Subscribed to high speed Internet service providing 6Mbps downstream and 768K upstream.
  • Extended the network throughout Casablanca via repeaters so all network equipment (TVs, DVDs, PS3, computers, phones and whatnot) can have easy network access
  • Replaced the clock radios in the master and 2nd bedrooms with new ones that have iPod/iPhone docking stations. They also have jacks in the back of them into which you can plug your non-Apple music players
  • Added High Definition digital TV service to the main level and Standard Definition digital TV service to the master and 2nd bedrooms
  • Freed up one of the owner's closets on the main level for use by our guests
  • Added a new Weber charcoal grill outside of the screened porch in back
And... drum roll... the 55" LED TV on the main level is a 3D television. We've got 6 pairs of 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure and we're leaving two 3D Blu-Ray DVD movies for you to try out. Let's face it, the sun doesn't always shine at Santa Rosa Beach (especially at night), so sometimes you've got to curl up and watch a movie that scares the sand off your feet because something reaches out of the 3D TV and tries to grab, stab or bite you.  (It would be appreciated if you knocked the sand off your feet before coming in from outside, anyway)

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